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Peaceful Steps

"When the moon is full, it begins to wane."

~Japanese Proverb


What is tai chi?

Tai chi is a whole body exercise. Through slow movements, we can attain focus, calmness, and clarity. In this relaxed, gentle state, we allow blood and chi (energy) to flow freely, and in this way, we can learn to build true inner strength.

What are some of the health benefits of tai chi?

An excellent form of exercise, tai chi can improve circulation, flexibility, posture, stability, and balance as well as reduce stress.

Is tai chi a martial art?

Tai chi is an internal martial art in that the movements are soft and follow (stick to) our opponent’s energy (as opposed to external martial arts, where they use strength to overcome their opponent).

What style of tai chi do you teach?

There are 5 major styles of tai chi – Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu, and Sun. I teach the traditional Yang style 103 hand form, which can be broken down into three sections.

How long does it take to learn tai chi?

Tai chi is not a discipline you master in one class, one year, or even a decade. Rather, it takes you on a journey where your practice continually evolves.

Sometimes you feel the changes by leaps and bounds. Sometimes you feel like you're sitting on a plateau for awhile, and then suddenly you have an "Aha!" moment.

Is tai chi a substitute for medical attention?

No. If you have a health condition or issue, please see your medical doctor.


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