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Yang style 103 hand form, Section 1

Yang style 103 hand form, Section 2

Yang style 103 hand form, Section 3

Yang style 103 hand form (complete)

Yang style 22-move form (essential form)

Yang style 26-move form


Grandmaster Yang Jun:

Traditional Yang style 103 form
- Section 1: beginning to 3:52
- Section 2: 3:52 - 12:41
- Section 3: 12:41 - end

Yang style 22-move form (essential form)

Yang style 26-move form

Michigan Tai Chi Center performances:

2020 - Yang style essential form (iJOC)
2020 - Yang style 67 sword (iJOC)
2018 - Yang style 67 sword (Great Lakes Taiji Performance Festival)
2017 - Yang style 12 saber (Great Lakes Taiji Performance Festival)

Book Resource:

"Stretching" by Bob Anderson. A comprehensive book on stretching, categorized by body part as well as everyday routines and sports activities.

Other Local Resources:

Simple Organics - a holistic approach to healthy living. Natural supplements and products, educational classes, and consultations.

Sooth Your Soul - healing bodywork, energy work services, classes, and gifts.

Vegan Soul Adventure - healthy, delicious vegan recipes lovingly created by a local Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

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