Restore Peace and Balance in Your Life One Step at a Time...with Tai Chi

Peaceful Steps


- I love your positive vibes. Even when you were going through some rough times, you never gave us the feeling that teaching your class was a burden.

- I also love that you change things up a little each time. Some new stretches, new order or sequence of things, focus on different parts of the form .... It's never the good old same old. It never gets boring.

- I also think it is wonderful how you integrate new people without neglecting the ones that have been with you a little longer. I'm sure that took some planning.

- I love our little group and look forward to our Wednesdays.

- For me your class is perfect. People are likeminded, and we all understand that we have a life between classes. You never look down on us for forgetting a part or two and happily explain it again.

- I also love that you see yourself as a student as well as a teacher.

~ Linda B.

I love the way you love the class, your very patient with a couple of old ladies.

~ Donna B.

As a person ages balance and falling are a prime concern. In an effort to improve our balance, or at least maintain our current level, we have been taking Tai Chi. Our instructor, Teresa Moy, has demonstrated and instructed us in proper balance movements working on the lower body. I truly believe that my balance has improved and thus given me more stability. 

~ Jim W. (age 81)  

We LOVED having you again!  You do such a fabulous job of introducing Tai Chi and making it fun and accessible to everyone!  We received wonderful feedback on your presentation. Thank you so much!

~ Elizabeth H., Beaumont Hospital Integrative Medicine

Member, International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association
peacefulsteps.taichi at gmail dot com